Retro Futuristic Oversized Visor Sunglasses

Have a small booty but still want to look like Nicki Minaj? These Oversized Visor Sunglasses were inspired by the crazy glasses often worn by Minaj. The Niki Minaj inspired visor sunglasses may look dorky, but if you ever have to go undercover at a welding shop then you’d blend right in.

The Nicki Minaj inspired visor sunglasses feature a lens width of almost 6 ½ inches. That’s longer than the average ding dong, and you’d also look like a ding dong.A box of Hostess Ding Dongs I earn money off of Amazon with this site when people click over and buy a product. Go ahead and click on an Amazon link and buy anything you want. I’ll get paid some money for it. I cannot however recommend the Nicki Minaj inspired visor sunglasses unless you are dressing up in a Nicki Minaj Halloween outfit.

The Nicki Minaj inspired visor sunglasses feature a lens width of almost 6.5 inches. That’s longer than the average ding dong

Friends With Benefits:

The glasses have a huge 6 ½ inch lens width (hehehe). Dorkiness aside, the huge lens is actually pretty great at blocking the sun. It will also shield most of your nose from dangerous cancer causing UV rays also.

Nicki Minaj Visor Sunglasses

Nicki Minaj inspired visor sunglasses feature a lens width of almost 6 ½ inches

It’s easier to sneak a peek at the beautiful women without getting caught if you wear the Fire Red mirror or the Silver Ice Mirror. If you wear one of the other colors of blue, pink, or hot pink, then you eyes will be visible to outsiders. This comes in handy if you want to wear Minaj sunglasses but still show off your eye shadow. If you’re a dude and want to check out women without them seeing your eyes staring at them like a stoner stares at a Bic, then get one of the reflective mirrored colors.

The Nicki Minaj sunglasses do offer 100 UV protection. This is important. Some cheap sunglasses do not offer 100% UV protection and they are more dangerous than not wearing sunglasses at all.

Although these Minaj styled sunglasses offer 100 UV protection to your eyes, they do not come polarized. Polarized sunglasses are nice to have, but unless you are a bass fisherman, you can probably live without it. I would suggest looking at some polarized sunglasses for your regular everyday pair. OMG, You weren’t planning on wearing the Nicki Minaj sunglasses everyday were you?

The biggest downside to these glasses are for stoners medical marijuana users. If you are stoned, these glasses will might make you paranoid, because everyone WILL be looking at you

Although not Amazon Prime eligible, these futuristic sunglasses do come with free shipping.

Just Like Nicki Minaj, these Minaj inspired sunglasses aren’t for everyone.

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