Magnetic Man Can Be a Chick Magnet

The Fun Magnetic Man is a cute little silicone-shaped man that can be used to hold things on your wall. It can hold paper, keys, chuck keys, and little bags of reefer. It can hold up to 1.4 pounds, but I still don’t trust the little man with my big bags of reefer.

This is a cheap gadget that will help you to get organized. It generally takes me 10 minutes, to shower, shave, and get dressed for work. I then often spend the same amount of time trying to find my keys.

If you are like me, then the Fun Magnetic Key Man will help you to stay organized. It’s also cute, so the chicks at the office will be more likely to start up a conversation with you. The Magnetic Man can be a Chick Magnet.

Do you really need this? Probably not. The only things you definitely do need is food, water, and a South Korean toilet declogger.

This magnetic man keyholder measures 8 x 6 x 7.5cm a. The key holder is shaped as a man climbing from the bottom like Drake. Each one magnetic man key holder comes with four magnets on the arms and legs. The three magnets keep the Magnetic Man attached to most any metallic surface. The magnetic hand can be used to hold up to 8 keys, or other items of your choice.

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