Grab Anything You Want Except My Guitar

Grab anything you want, except my guitar. If you are a fan of playing the guitar, then this T-shirt might fit your personality.

I have no musical ability. I have asthma attacks when I am playing the kazoo. The only musical instrument I can play is the radio. If you have any talent at all when it comes to playing the guitar, then make sure you follow through with it. As a fan of music, I appreciate great guitarists. Imagine if Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, or John Frusciante had never followed the path of music. We would not have known many cool songs that we have. If you think that being a guitarist is maybe something you’d like to pursue, then do it!

Good guitarists can get all the sexy groupies. It seems like the girls just aren’t interested in my radio playing skills.

woman wearing funny guitar shirt

Funny Guitar shirt is also in women’s and children sizing.

This “Keep You Hands Off My Guitar” shirt won’t impress the ladies, but it will inform them that you are a passionate guitar player. Many women love a good guitarist, especially if you become a Rock God with a major band.

The guitar shirt won’t help you to become famous, but it could open the doors to meeting a stranger who is a good vocalist and interested in starting a band. If you wear a Coors shirt, then you’ll only end up working down at the Dollar Store. If you play the guitar, then you’ll need to wear funny guitar t-shirts if you want to advance your career. OK, maybe you don’t NEED to wear one, but they are cool and more importantly, you can meet some chicks that dig guitar players.

I have no musical ability. I have asthma attacks when I am playing the kazoo

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