“Dinosaur Never Forget” Asteroid Embroidered Patch

Considering that birds are all we have left of dinosaurs, it’s no wonder that creationists think we are crazy.

I used to get ostrich eggs for free and loved the omelets I made with them; then I discovered I was eating dinosaur eggs, so I stopped eating them. No wonder creationists think I’m weird.

Dinosaurs first developed during the Triassic Period. The Triassic Era had a global climate that was mostly hot and dry. If global warming continues could we have dinosaurs roaming the earth again? My ex-girlfriend was hot and dry, and I never saw dinosaurs developing so I have my doubts.

Cute girl wearing never forget dinosaur patch on tanktop

Regardless of if you believe that dinosaurs still live and roam in some parts of the World or not, we shall never forget the impacting meteor that caused triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and their other brothers to go extinct.

The Never Forget Dinosaur embroidered patch is 4 inches tall and almost 3 inches wide. Tack this baby on your Wild Hogs vest by simply ironing it on with heat and then sewing the edges on. It can be directly transferred on with the heat from an iron, but if you have your Asian masseuse sew it on, it will be much more durable when you ride your oversized Harley 3 blocks to the bar for Nacho night.

There might not be any better way to distract the guys from your cleavage then to apply this dinosaur patch to your favorite tank top.

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