Collabordate -It’s Like Tinder Except Your Friends Are Swiping For You

The problem with Tinder is that the girls often swipe right on the wrong guys, and guys swipe right on girls that look like they will be easy to get in the burlap sack. Collabordate is a new dating app that works similar to Tinder, except it allows your friends to take control and do the swiping for you.

Busty amateur with funny face takes selfie

Swipe right or left?

For girls that have good friends, it can help you to find potentially a good guy to date. Problems may arise if your girlfriends are constantly filming movies in San Fernando Valley mansions.

For guys, this could be good or bad depending on your friends. I have friends that I would try and setup with the “wrong” person, simply because I would find it funny. You like smoking pot and dancing to There’s a Llama in my Living Room? Well I will swipe right on Mitt Romney’s granddaughter for you.

Collabordate allows your friends to help you find a date by swiping. If the potential dates friends swipe right as well as your buddies, then you get a match. Collabordate will be released real soon and it looks like it will be a great dating match tool. Will you use it?

“We believe that the best way to meet the right people is by working with those that know us best – our friends.” Collabordate

Visit the Collabordate website, scroll to the bottom left, enter your email, and you might get an invite to beta test the Collabordate app if you are on iOS.

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