Bright and Fun Bikinis

You want a new bikini for summer, or maybe you are prepping for global warming where you’ll be able to wear a bikini year-round. A hot body is not enough to get you noticed anymore. Showing cleavage is not enough to get you noticed either. If you want to get noticed you need to get a bright and fun patterned bikini. These bikinis are hot enough to get noticed, even from the gay guys.

A cool pattern bikini is also enough for a guy to be able to approach you and say “nice bikini” without sounding creepy.

Say “nice bikini” without sounding creepy

Baby Shark Bikini

Baby sharks on your bikini top is super-cute. If you are not looking to attract attention, then don’t wear this cute shark bikini. Your baby sharks will have all the guys swarming.

Green Monster Skull Bone Bikini

The Green pattern bikini from Niyatree is both gorgeous and cute. You really need to click on the thumbnail here to get an appreciation for how cute this bikini pattern is.  

Smiley Face Mustache Bikini

It’s looks like a cross between the Monopoly character and Steve Lemme in Super Troopers.

Flamingo Bikini

If you are wearing a Flamingo Bikini, then make sure you check out the matching Flamingo Band-Aids.

Seaselfie Cross Back Tank Top Bikini

If you have nice abs you want to show off but still want to keep your cleavage hidden then the Seaselfie is a great choice. It provides a lot of support, so you can use this for everything from surfing to keg stands.

If you want more coverage then you take a look at Tankini’s. Amazon has a wide variety of bikini patterns and styles.

Attractive woman in bikini

Bikinis come in all kinds of crazy patterns

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